Job Position: Full-time employment in the area of agriculture, specifically, hybrid seed corn production and part-time seasonal work during the summer and fall/harvest.

About UsCloverleaf Farms, Inc. is a privately owned and operated hybrid seed corn production company. Located in Elk Point, South Dakota, the Curry family has produced hybrid seed corn in Elk Point, SD since 1935. The seed we produce is bagged at the Cloverleaf Farms seed conditioning facility. In addition to seed corn production and seed corn conditioning, Cloverleaf Farms has warehouse storage for seed corn, soybeans and sunflower are sold and distributed to customers in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Colorado, Kansas, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Job Description:  Employee would be doing a variety of tasks that pertain to seed production from planting season through harvest season.

  • Production Area:  Tasks in this area would include: soil preparation, spraying, fertilizing, planting seed, irrigation, detasseling and harvesting Cloverleaf fields.
  • Bagging and Warehouse facility:  Tasks include working with the bagging line and robotic stacker, moving pallets/boxes of seed by forklift and loading semi-trucks for seed delivery.
  • Cattle Feedlot:  Cloverleaf maintains a cattle feedlot on the site. Employees rotate feeding duties.

Salary and Benefits:

  • Wage negotiable based on experience.
  • Wellmark Health insurance. Cloverleaf Farms pays 100% of the premium.
  • SIMPLE IRA Plan with employer matching deferrals..
  • Hartford Insurance – Cloverleaf carries a $25,000 Group Life Insurance policy and a $25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment policy on all full-time employees.
  • Paid Holidays – All full-time employees receive six paid holiday plus time and a half if an employee is required to work on a holiday or a weekend.
  • Full-time employees receive PTO time base on years of employment with Cloverleaf Farms, Inc.

Position Requirements: Applicant should have an interest in farming or agriculture. This is an agricultural position. Mother Nature can determine extended times in the spring and fall to complete farming requirements. Experience in the following would be helpful but not required: Driving trucks, operating farm equipment, forklift, & being mechanically inclined.

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Contact Information:  Call our office at (605) 356-3370 or email Brian Curry: