Facility Summary

Facility Summary 2018-02-08T04:02:21+00:00

Summary of Acres:

  • 4,500 acres under production, 88% irrigated, we plant pivot corners
  • 36 pivots with growers
  • 3,000 acres under direct control 26 pivots.
  • Average of 2,500 acres of seed corn. Some seed corn on seed corn.
  • 125-150,000 bu. per year of seed corn average over 9 years.
  • Have planted up to 3600 acres of seed corn
  • No soybeans for seed

Office Space in Elk Point, SD:

  • 30’x60 feet. 5 office rooms, 8 office work spaces available on first floor, 3 upstairs plus a conference room
  • Basement storage. 600 sq. ft.
  • Office is handicap accessible


  • Sales warehouse space 28’x60’. Outdoor pickup entry
  • Three warehouses at 12,400 sq. feet, 10,000 sq. ft., and 9,000sq. ft. = 31,400 sq. feet of connected warehouses. Insulation is 4 inches in warehouse buildings.
  • 22 foot side walls- clear span buildings.
  • Three loading docks, of which one is enclosed.
  • 2 – 40’x100ft separate storage buildings for ProBoxes and pallets
  • We set up loads for shipping, but do not line up trucks for shipping or receiving
  • Have handled all returns, able to re-bag

Seed house:

  • 1 shift – 150,000 corn units from Oct-May
  • Robotic stacker, Premier-Tech blending scale, Delta cleaner, can package boxes or bags
  • Bratney-designed seed house

Sorting & Drying:

  • Two 18,000 bushel ear corn dryers 36,000 bushel capacity, Bratney design
  • Double pass reversing, Natural gas, 6 pounds per square inch pressure
  • Each dryer has total of 600 horsepower.
  • 3 – 16 lane A&K husking beds with 6 sorting tables, 24 people sorting, 4 per table
  • Can custom dry seed corn. Have dried up to 50,000 bu. As custom seed corn, sorting and drying for other seed corn operations

Production capability:

  • We farm all seed acres.
  • Planting/destasseling/harvest are done by Cloverleaf Farms staff.
  • Can dump up to 12,000 bu. ear corn per day. Average 10,000 bu. a day

Bulk and Equipment Storage:

  • Seven buildings for farm equipment storage: 40×100 to 100 x 120ft, Quonset style
  • 350,000 bushel bulk storage: 60 individual bins of various sizes ranging from 1000 to 10,000 bu.